My First Time Making a Diaper Carriage!

My First Time Making a Diaper Carriage!

Watch my journey as I make my first baby diaper carriage gift. 

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  • Debra - September 08, 2021

    Hi, Zahra. This was a custom gift so I won’t be able to make it exact. I could make something similar. Diaper carriages are $75.

  • Zahra Moallim - September 08, 2021

    Can I buy this gift my sis next month will have baby girl pls 6124232995

  • Debra - April 07, 2021

    Hi, Tressa, thank you! I can’t remember the exact size but it is around 12″×6″.

  • Treesa - April 07, 2021

    Hello! Your diaper creations are BEAUTIFUL! I want to try to make the diaper carriage, can you share what size basket did you use?

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