How I Made a Rotating Craft Storage Tower

How I Made a Rotating Craft Storage Tower

For the longest, I've been searching for the perfect storage solution to hold all my ribbon and craft paper with little luck. Most of what I found had space for other types of items but not enough space for only what I needed so I decided to make my own. It has some kinks and I'll be making some updates but I'm very happy with how it turned out!

What I used (or should have used)

- (8) Billy Bookcases - Ikea, $20ea

- (1) Lazy Susan - any hardware store, about $5

- (4) 2" casters - any hardware store, about $4 2pk

- (2) 12-15" wood squares, got mine from Ikea, $3

- (28) 1 1/2" long screws - any hardware store or section. $6

- (50) 14x14 cardboard pads (trim down one to 14x12") - Uline, $24

- (20) cardboard boxes (cut off or trim down flaps) - Uline, $22

- (2) bags of 3" plastic cake pop sticks - Walmart, $2ea

- (20) knobs - Ikea, $.59 2pk

- (4) drawer pulls or handles - any hardware store, $2ea

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