About Us

 Hi! My name is Debra and I am the owner, creative designer, marketer, business manager, accountant, site manager, social media poster at Nepheryn Party (I can't wait until I grow my team).

7yrs ago, on July 13, 2013, I decided to start a diaper cake business. Since then I've grown to sell a variety of decorations for all types of events. Sadly, due to the current pandemic and loss in sales, so 2 weeks ago I decided to partially, temporarily close my shop. It hurt because I worked hard poured my heart into my "baby" that I built from the ground up. It would have been so hard to let it all go.

Well, I am ecstatic to say that things are looking up and I am able to keep my shop fully open! I can't thank you all enough for your support throughout the years and I appreciate you to the fullest!



 Debra Harris Nepheryn Party