How to Make A Baby Diaper Jeep

How to Make A Baby Diaper Jeep

Make a diaper jeep to use as a centerpiece at a baby shower and give as a give to the parents-to-be for baby.

To make this diaper jeep, you will need:

- 41 diapers
- 4 receiving blankets
- 8 washcloths
- 1 bib
- 1 pair of socks or mittens
- 2 pacifiers
- stuffed toy
- hanging toy/teether
- decorative ribbon
- 4 large rubber bands
- handful of elastic hair rubber bands
- 2 sheets of paper
- cardboard
- rectangular card board box, about 12x8x5"
- cutting blade
- glue gun, single-sided tape, double-sided tape
- extra baby accessories (clothes, bottle, wipes, etc)

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