Little Man 1-Tier Diaper Cake - Teal, Gray

Nepheryn Party



1-tier little man themed diaper cake centerpiece. Diaper cakes make great centerpieces at baby showers. Color scheme is light teal, gray, black, and white but you may request different colors to match your party decorations.

This 1-tier diaper cake is made with 15 size 1 diapers and is topped with a black top hat. Also includes paper confetti with mini bow tie, top hat, mustache, and baby shirt cutouts. 

The diameter is about 7" and the height is about 8" with topper.

Choose between single or double -sided. Single-sided means the top hat topper and baby shirt will only be on one side. Double-sided means the top hat topper will be double-sided and the baby shirt will be on 2 sides of the diaper cake.

For custom orders, please text me at 301-615-0227 with specifics.

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