Check out some of my custom diaper cakes that I've made in the past. Some of these diaper cakes can be replicated and others I can make a similar one. Please contact me if you would like me to make a custom diaper cake for your baby shower. You can also text me at 202-922-6746 or email me at Please include picture examples of the colors you're using, words you would like, size, how many, and any other information you have so I can give you a proper quote. Insure your email is correct otherwise you will not receive my response to your inquiry.

Mini diaper cakes are from $10-17. 

1-tier diaper cakes are from $15-20

2-tier diaper cakes are from $20-$32

3-tier diaper cakes are from $50+ (tutu cakes are from $80)

4-tier diaper cakes are from $75+