My Many Craft Rooms!

My Many Craft Rooms!

During the past few years I've moved my craft studio from a small room in my basement, to a small room upstairs, to a larger room back in the basement. Between moves, I would rearrange my studio every several months with some minor changes to full makeovers. It can be difficult finding the right balance between functionality and ease of access, appealing to the eye design, and not breaking the bank. Take a look at a few pics from my craft studio journey and take some ideas with you!


Craftroom makeover, before

 My first craft studio, before...

Craftroom makeover, after

...and after.

Craft room

 What a mess!

Here is when I moved into the larger room in my basement. I got the wardrobe and the cube shelves from the used section at Ikea. I got the dresser from the thrift store for $20! Of course I wasn't satisfied because it was hard to keep clean and my office usually looked a hot mess.

Here is when I tried to put some of my office in the closet. I saw someone make it work on Pinterest....Apparently, not everything is for everyone.


I semi-rearranged the larger space into....this? I despise a bunch of stuff exposed so I needed to find a way to cover it up.


...My attampt at covering it up lol. Looks better though!

Ribbon skirt

I even made a ribbon skirt to pretty it up!


I finally decided to gut everything up and start fresh. I've redone my bathroom and kitchen floors and even installed my kitchen cabinets. But removing the carpet in this room was a pain in the behind. It was all worth it though. Take a look at the finished product. I think I'll keep this for a while longer!

Aqua and teal craft room makeover


Teal and aqua craft room makeover


I like this one better! Less seating but more workspace works for me. 

Craft Room Remodel



I change my studio around about twice a year. Here are a few more pics of changes.
Nepheryn Party Craft Room
Nepheryn Party Craft Room

 Teal Craft Room Studio

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