Craft Room Storage Ideas

Craft Room Storage Ideas

My studio/craft room is my quiet place or at least that’s what I would like it to be. I’ve changed my craft room so many times since I started my business, it’s hard to keep count. Within 5 years, I’ve moved from a small room in my basement, to a small room upstairs, to a larger room in the basement. I’ve also changed the furniture around in those spaces between 2-6 times each. It’s hard settling on one space but with proper planning, I’m on my way to my perfect craft room.


I’m a crafter and I can’t help but to make things. Take a look at some of my craft related items as well as craft storage solutions. Some were makeshift fails but hopefully it will give you an idea and perfect your own!


Ribbon storage using kalax shelf and cardboard trays

I’ve been looking for a ribbon solution to satisfy my massive collection of ribbon. I was a bit of a ribbon hoarder but I’ve down-sized...a bit. I made this ribbon shelf using an IKEA Kallax shelf, cardboard trays, and popsicle sticks. First, I measured where I wanted each drawer to go. Then, I drilled holes to place my shelf pegs (disclaimer: this shelf is not made for drilling). Of course, it wasn’t until after I drill all of the holes that I realized I don’t have enough pegs. So, being the brilliant crafter that I am (and the fact that I refused to go back to the store), I found a bag of popsicle sticks, broke them in half, glued the halves together, and stuck them in the holes. Homemade pegs! I used a few of the trays to make the shelf base and placed them over the popsicle stick pegs. Finally, I assembled the drawers and  organized my ribbons by color, including scrap ribbon.

Update: Check out my video on how to make this ribbon storage solution:


Rotating 12x12 paper storage


Now this I thought was a brilliant idea....until I actually made it and had to use it. First, I attached a lazy Susan to an old square table top. Then, I screwed four 4x1’ (heavy) wood planks onto the square and to each other.  I bought 8 hanging file organizers, nailed at the top of the board where the holes are, and hung the organizers. I got the bright idea (not really) to glue the sides so you couldn’t see the plank. I should mention that I wrapped the planks with hideous wrapping paper. I think I liked it initially because it could hold all of my paper and I could spin it to get to everything easier. It eventually became an eyesore for me and took up a lot of space. I think if I planned it out and made it uniformed and pretty, I may have kept it up. 

Wire cube 12x12 paper storage rack

Other than ribbon, paper is something I have in abundance. I needed a better, efficient, and inexpensive way to store all of my paper and this solution works the best so far. I used some wire cube shelving and a little over 100 zip ties to make a 43 shelf paper rack.

Update: Check out my video tutorial on how to make this shelving solution:

Product photo booth with ribbon and tulle skirt

Check out my handmade table skirt. I prefer to hide all my crap and thought this tutu and ribbon skirt would be a great idea. This was one of my old photo booth set ups. My studio color scheme at the time was pink and black so I measured and cut a variety of pink, black, white, and silver ribbon and tulle I had abundance of. I love how it came out but I changed my colors to an aqua-turquoise blue, black, and white so it’s sitting in storage right now. I might cut it shorter and use it as a bed skirt for my daughter!

Murphy table product photo boothMurphy table die cutting and paper crafting table

When I changed my studio around (again), my cutting work would share a space with my product photo booth; It wasn't working out. I used a sheet of wood, 2 door stops, 2 hinges, and 2 hooks (and a quick YouTube diy video) to make my own murphy table. Now I have 2 separate surfaces for my cutting and photos. I thought about making the underside of the table nice and pretty, but if I waited on that, this picture would not be included. Note, I'm a terrible planner and it always comes back to haunt me. The door stops were a little shorter than my Silhouette so I had to use 2 empty tulle rolls to get the height. Also, I didn't follow the video exactly, because....I have no idea why I didn't follow the video exactly.


Pink and black embellishment storage

I have quite a few embellishments so I ordered 40 2-drawer storage containers from dollar tree. My color scheme was pink and black so of course I had to paint them black (some were already pink). I made the bottom drawers using my die-cut machine and some hot glue. 


I'm still working on other ways to make my space more efficient on a budget. I would love to hear your ideas or what you do to make the most out of your craft space!

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  • Debra - March 07, 2022

    I used 4 cubes. I bought these from different places over the last 10 years. Some from Target and some from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I still see them online at Target but they are shipped by a different company.

  • Vicki - February 19, 2022

    About how many metal cubes would you need for the paper storage project…?

  • Darlene Harwell - February 19, 2022

    I have been hunting for these wire shelves and have inquired everywhere, but cannot find anything close to what everyone is using to make their paper shelving out of. Can you please direct me in the right place?? I have inquired at Target and Walmart and a few other places and have had no luck!!! Thank you

  • Debra - May 22, 2021

    Hi, Christine.
    Ich habe nur ein paar Schläge, also bewahre ich sie in einer Schublade auf. Sie können die Festplatten an mehrere Platinen anschließen, die an der Seite Ihres Schreibtisches verschoben werden können.

  • Christine - April 20, 2021

    Hi, das ist eine super Idee, ich werde mir so ein Regal machen. Hast Du eine Idee, wie man Stanzen übersichtlich aufbewahrt. Ich habe eine Türe mit Magnetplatten beklebt, aber die ist jetzt schon zu klein.

  • Debra - March 23, 2021

    Hi, Wanda. I got my wire cubes at different places over the years at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I used zip ties to connect the extra pieces to make more shelves. I made a tutorial on how to do it here:

  • Wanda - March 23, 2021

    Hello I also am very curious what you used as shelving for your paper in the black unit. It’s brilliant

  • Debra - January 05, 2021

    Hi Diane. The shelving size is about 13″×13″. I got my 8 cube shelf from Ikea but I have seen it as other stores as well.

  • Diane Sorensen - January 05, 2021

    What size cube shelving system did you use to make this ?

  • Debra - September 03, 2020

    Hi, Kathy. Are you referring to the shelves I made for the ribbon storage? I bought a set of 50 trays from Amazon. I assembled some and used others to make the shelf base. I used wooden square dowels and screwed them into the insides of the shelves for the shelf support.

  • Kathy - September 03, 2020

    I actually have those wire cubes, not really in use in a grown up and gone kids room. Where did you find and what did you use to make the shelves? This is a great idea!!

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