How to Make a Boy Diaper Cake

How to Make a Boy Diaper Cake

Welcome to my first blog post! Well not exactly my first because I've tried a couple before and scrapped them all. It's not as easy as many make it seem. Anyway, enough with the rambling. Check out this video of how I make one of my boy diaper cake centerpieces. This is an "Oh Boy" theme with a navy blue, aqua, and gray color scheme. Diaper cakes are best displayed upwrapped and sat on a cake stand. I also offer diaper cake kits that include everything you need, excluding the diapers. You can find my diaper cake cake kits here.

You will need:

- 50 size 1 diapers (newborn may be too small and babies grow out of it in no time)

- Ribbon of your choice (about 2yds each. Preferably two that are 1.5" and one that is 1")

- 3 paper bow ties

- Topper of your choice (I use a die-cut machine to make my "Oh Boy" sign but you can use baby shoes)

- 3 stretchy rubber bands

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun

- 1 empty paper towel roll or a sheet of cardstock paper (roll the cardstock paper into a tube and tape it closed)

- Large and medium cake pan or any circular bowl with a flat bottom.


Oh Boy Diaper Cake How-to


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