1-tier Whale Diaper Cake Centerpiece

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Baby whale 1-tier diaper cake for a whale or nautical themed boy vaby shower. The diaper cake can be placed at the center of guest tables. Whale diaper cake is decorated with gray, navy blue, and baby blue ribbon but you can request custom colors.

This is for 1 diaper cake which includes 12 size 1 diapers and a whale topper. Each side of the diaper cake is a baby whale as well, but without the spout.

It has an 8" diameter and a height of about 9" with topper.

Choose between a single-sided or all-sided diaper cake. Single-sided means the whale will only be on one side of the diaper cake and the topper will be one-sided. All-sided means there will be a whale on all 4 sides of the diaper cake and the topper will be double-sided.

Please contact me with custom orders. You could also diirectly email me at dharris@chicbabycakes.com or texy at 301-315-0227.


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  • Can I order 3 of these and 3 of a different kind?

    If you mean can you order the diaper cakes individually, yes you can. I would have to make you a custom listing so you don't overpay for shipping.

  • Hi, How long would it take to ship an order once it’s placed?

    It depends on how many orders are in queue. Current turn around time is about a week and a half. Depending on where you're located in relation to Maryland and the shipping method you choose, it could take 2-9 days to reach you (2-4 weeks if you're out of the US).

  • How much would it be to get 6 of these done?

    Each is $17 so it would be $102.

  • Hello. When I went through all your diaper cakes you had these small ones (whales) but also a 3 tier one. Is the three tier one still available ?

    Hi, I just made it available again here: https://cbcparty.com/products/whale-boy-diaper-cake-centerpiece