Baby Boy Diaper Cake Centerpiece - Navy, Light Blue Little Man

Nepheryn Party



Mini diaper cake centerpiece with a large baby boy holding an umbrella topper. This diaper cake can be placed in the center of guest tables, the entry table, or where ever you desire. 

You can select to have the centerpiece single-sided (shirt only on front and baby boy and umbrella one-sided) or double-sided (shirt on front and back and baby boy and umbrella two-sided). 4 different baby boys to choose from.

Color scheme is navy blue, light blue, black, and white but can be customized.

This is for 1 centerpiece that includes:

- 1 mini diaper cake base, 5" diameter; 4.5" height

- 1 baby boy with umbrella topper; 9" tall, 4" wide

Total centerpiece height is about 14".