Little Man Word Cutouts

Nepheryn Party



Little Man word cutouts made from card stock paper. Use your own sticks to make toppers with these Little Man cutouts.

Choose from 2 sizes:

- 4in. X 3in.

-5in X 3.75"

This is for a set of 10 Little Man cutouts. 

I have a large range of colors to choose from. 


- Refer to the color chart or send me clear pictures of the color(s) you want.

- in the note section during checkout, include the color(s) you want.

- if you want a color mix, you must include how many of each color you want.

To complete your orde in a timely manner, please include all information at time of ordering. Please also include a current email address or number where you can receive messages if I need clarification. If I cannot reach you to clarify and confirm your order, it will be cancelled.

These cutouts do not come attached to sticks.

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