Little Man Diaper Cake Centerpiece - Turquoise & Lime

Little Man diaper cake centerpiece for a little man themed baby shower.

Color scheme is turquoise, lime green, black, gray, and white.

Diaper cake is made of 15 size 1 diapers.

Diaper cake size: 6.5" diameter, 10" height with topper.

You will receive:
- 1 decorated diaper cake
- turquoise, lime green, black, and gray onesies, bow ties, and top hats confetti
- 2 little man toppers (lime green and turquoise)
- 1 black top hat topper
- paper base

Diaper cakes are double-sided (onesie on the front and back; toppers are readable from both sides). These are good for placing in the center of the table where it will be viewed from both sides.

If you would like multiple diaper cakes or custom colors/topper, please message me so I can make you a custom listing with proper shipping. I will also need your zip code and a picture of the colors you want.

If you have a custom order, please keep communication open to prevent delays. I will not ship your order until I have gotten the ok from you. In addition, I want you to be 100% satisfied so please don't hesitate to let me know exactly what you want.

Diaper cakes are not ready to go; they are made after your order is placed. Please allow at least 5 days for your order to be made and shipped.


Ask a Question
  • Will this come already assembled? what is the turn around time

    Yes, it does. TUrn around time is about 2 weeks.