Little Peanut 2-Tier Diaper Cake - Yellow & Gray

Nepheryn Party



Little Peanut 2-tier diaper cake centerpiece for a gender neutral baby shower.

Color scheme is yellow, gray, and white.

Choose between a small 2-tier or a medium 2-tier diaper cake

Small 2-tier is made with 20 size 1 diapers. The diameteris about 6" and the height is about 12" with the 'Little Peanut" topper.

Medium 2-tier is made with 30 size 1 diapers. The diameter is about 8" and the height is about 12" with the topper.

You will also receive a yellow and gray "Little Peanut", topper, a yellow umbrella topper, an elephant cutout (pre-attached to diaper cake), and extra shred to spread around the base of the diaper cake.