It's A Boy Mini Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Nepheryn Party



It's A Boy diaper cake centerpiece is perfect tho be the table centerpiece for your boy baby shower. It includes 3 mini diaper cakes side by side, an "It's" topper, an "A" topper and a "Boy" topper. It also includes blue paper shred and plastic decorative toys you can place around the centerpiece. 

You can select to have the centerpiece single-sided or double-sided (what you see on the front will be on the back. Double-sided works better if it will be at the center of guest tables so it can be seen on both sides.

Each of the mini cakes has 6 size 1 diapers and has a diameter of 4" and height of about 4". The whole centerpiece with topper dimensions is 12x4x9". 

This set was meant to sit together or to be as 1 centerpiece. The mini cakes are too small for each to be a lone centerpiece. They are not glued together so you can arrange them as you please.

Customize this cake, at no extra charge, to fit your baby shower. If you would like a different topper, different color ribbon or topper, etc., let me know and I'll work with you. The plastic toys only come blue but it can be substituted for paper confetti.

If you would like multiple sets, please message me with your count, needed by date, and zip code.