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Black, gold, and white little gentleman diaper cake centerpiece set. 
The large diaper cake has suspenders down the front and each mini diaper cake has "suspenders" on the side of each bow tie.

Little Gentleman diaper cake set includes:
-1 large 3-tier diaper cake with 50 size 1 diapers
-4 mini 1-tier diaper cakes with 10 diapers each (choose your count)
-5 Die-cut paper cake toppers

Large cake measures - 9x9x16
Mini cakes measure - 5x5x7in.

Choose between single-sided and double-sided mini diapr cakes.

Single-sided = the bow tie and suspenders will be only on one side and the toppers only have "Little Gentleman" on one side. The back is blank.

Double-sided = there will be a bow tie and suspenders on the front and back and the toppers will read "Little Gentleman" on both sides.

Customize this cake, at no extra charge, to fit your baby shower. If you would like a different topper, different color ribbon or topper, etc., let me know and I'll work with you.


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  • Am i able to get just the 3tier diaper cake

    Yes, here is the link to it: